Main applications

  • 旋流井
  • 化工
  • 冲渣池

Technical data

Q max


H max


T max 80℃

1、独特的双吸结构设计,基本消除了轴向力和 径向力,摒弃了 WFB 泵故障率最高的入口真空阀。 

2、可替代钢厂旋流井,冲渣池等工况现有的 WFB 无密封自吸泵,节约能耗 40%~60%; 

3、替代长轴液下泵在不增加能耗的基础上可以 延长维修周期,节约维修费用; 



1. The unique double suction structure design basically eliminates the axial force and radial force, and discards the inlet vacuum valve with the highest failure rate of WFB pump.

2. It can replace the existing WFB unsealed self-priming pump in steel works, such as whirling well and slag washing pool, and save energy by 40% ~ 60%;

3. Replacing the long shaft submerged pump can prolong the maintenance period and save the maintenance cost without increasing the energy consumption;

4. It can replace the current high-efficiency energy-saving self-priming pump with vacuum device. The operation of the high-efficiency self-priming pump with vacuum device is cumbersome. The vacuum device of electrical components is easy to be damaged, and the mechanical seal leaks slightly, so it can not be vacuumed and can not work. The failure rate is very high.

5. Modular design, strong interchangeability and convenient maintenance.



        At present, in the smelting process of iron and steel industry, WFB unsealed self-priming pump or long shaft submerged pump widely used in swirl well and slag basin has low operation efficiency (generally only up to 50%), high energy consumption, serious cavitation, frequent maintenance, and non-general spare parts; the high-efficiency self-priming pump with vacuum installation, which is promoted in the later stage, has a large amount of iron oxide scale in the medium due to its mechanical seal Particles, oil, mechanical seal is easy to wear, resulting in leakage, the matching vacuum device can not water, endangering the safe operation of the cyclone well. In view of the defects of these old Self-priming pumps, our company has cooperated with relevant scientific research institutions, and after years of research and development, we have successfully developed an efficient non sealing self-priming pump.